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Dedicated to Powerdrive.. Jack_Schitt.. and Sac What are they? Who are they ? And why the big fuss? Well im gonna finally answer those questions.......A Mullet just isn't an awful haircut but a way of life..Mullets come in every color..size..age..and sex...A mullet does not discriminate against Anyone!!...The mullet haircut is best described as being short on top and this can be curly,spiky,wavy,faded,flat-topped,styled,and yes i've even spotted a bald one...and then the sides are always shaved or bald but just shorter than the top ...the back is always longer than the rest and this too can be curly straight ..wavy..and are u familiar with the term "ducktail" well yes that is a mullet also...other names used to describe this style are "mudflap,HOCKEYHAIR,neckblanket,soccer rocker"..For the mullet nearest you..Try your local wal-mart any time after 5pm is good..flea markets..garage concerts..and the mall on the weekend is great ..try spencers...i always spot quite a few there..they love convenient stores and any fast food restaraunt such as McDonalds..Taco Bell...and *Denneys..A white mullet's attire includes anything acid washed and denim and tight with rips and oil stains..White T-shirts are always of a brand or logo or even a band of some sort...examples..NASCAR..MARLBORO..WINSTON..............BUDWEISER...TEDNUGENT..CREEDENCE..NWO..WWF..anything HOCKEY..and sleeves are usually cut off depending on ..anything hightop and white and cheap...caps same as above logos...A mexican mullet's wardrobe includes white or dark blue skin tight straight-leg wal-mart jeans with plastic snake boots and a tucked in long sleeved colorful neon dress shirt preferrably with tacky designs that stand-out and a big shiny belt buckle with a horse or cow on it...anything neon and any sunglasses that wrap around the head exist in "every mullet's" wardrobe...As for the black this day i have not yet had the priveledge to encounter one but i would imagine something similar to "Little Richard's style" but more cheesier and tacky and much more cheaper..The Black mullet thinks of himself as a sort of pimp/playa but really women gag at his site...All mullets tend to think they are a Lady's man....I almost forgot to mention the fe-mullet ...well she basically likes to dress country-western and loves nascar and yes she's usually a lady's man also hehehe...shes tough and cares strongly about her mullet...Well this has been the best that i can put it for U people...I hope I didn't leave u all still wondering still questioning what a mullet is..I'm originally from south Texas sooo all that I have written here is from what i've seen and lived..We all have different views and opionions on what a mullet is or might be but this is my view...I hope i didn't offend any of those who actually have a mullet...I just felt it was time for me to do this... I hope you enoyed this as much as i did :) here are some pictures..i really tried gathering up as much as i can... click away ....

Mullets,famous ones and your not soo famous ones

Remember Uncle Jessie?:
a mullet in action: back then this was a "new-wave" look now its the computer nerd mullet look
mexican mullets!!: hehehehe
im too sexy:
Wedding Singer Mullet:
**The All New Mullet Diaries***: Click Here To Read about or Submit your very own Mullet encounters for all of us to read... Feel free To Reply and submit as many stories as you want...
Muscular mullet :
Skinhead Girl Mullet: This is just another type of mullet but its reversed ..its long in front short in back....
mullets galore...: this is sac's music-metal archive with pics and bio's of music-metal regs

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